Founder Chuck Bauerschmidt

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First and foremost Chuck is a dedicated family man. With the possibility of all three of his daughters being in college at once in a couple years, Chuck’s business is as busy and ambitious as ever. Perhaps his greatest competitive advantage is that he loves what he does. To him all the satisfaction comes from doing a job the right way; ensuring added value to the customer’s property for decades to come. Chuck with his friendly and enthusiastic personality is constantly making meaningful and lasting connections in the business. His ever growing customer base is a testament to Chuck’s professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to supporting his family.

It was around age 15 that Chuck Bauerschmidt became a regular student of his father’s business. After school he would seek refuge in his father’s workshop, away from his six (yes, six) loud and obnoxious sisters at home. It was in these early years that Chuck came to understand the value of discipline and hard work. At the time Chuck did not imagine that he would end up having a career that mirrored his father’s but nevertheless, the skills he learned never left him.